Sergei Korniyenko

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Sergei Korniyenko
freelance translator, localisation expert
Sergei is a seasoned app localisation expert. He’s totally in love with his specialisation. He is sure application localization is the best way for a translator to make a living. Find out why.
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Mobile Apps Localisation: ‘Name That Tune’
The mobile app market keeps growing as iOS and Android devices gain more popularity. Many developers decide to have their apps localised into other languages to expand their customer base and boost revenues. The demand for the apps interface translation is skyrocketing as a result. However, many translators undertaking app localisation have only a vague idea of the special skills it takes. The presentation uses real-life examples to expound on the key aspects of localisation which both novice freelancers and seasoned professionals will be well-advised to take on board. A list of minimum required tools will be provided at the end of the presentation.
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