What stands between you and your goal? Transformational Training

What stands between you and your goal? Transformational Training


Transformation is a powerful and beautiful psychological training game and a unique opportunity to better understand and refine ways of our manifestation in life.



During the game, you will realize your strengths and limitations, and what needs to be changed in order to achieve your dream, goal, exercise and realize your highest potential. You will see how unconscious processes affect “rational” decisions. You will not only learn about your personal stereotypes hindering your life, but also open up new perspectives and change the perception of yourself.


Objectives for the training game

Solve your most important life task or achieve a goal.
Identify and change your limiting thinking strategies and behaviors.

The goal can be in any area of ​​life: personal (family, self-development, health), professional (job, career), financial (money, property) or spiritual (harmony, life balance, self-acceptance or acceptance of others, life awareness, joy, etc.).

This task must be the most important task at the moment, the most vital!



The process – presented as a game – will have an impact on your unconscious ties and personal reserves as for the goal in four aspects: body, emotion, intellect, and spirit.


Moderator: Svetlana Romanova, psychologist (40 years of practice).
Assistant Moderator: Valery Mironov, coach and psychologist (20 years of practice).

Venue: hotel “Dzherelo” (4, Kurortnaja str.)

Date: 20 May, 2013

Duration of training game: 8 to 12 hours

Number of participants: 8 to 12 people

Participation fee: 375 EUR

The fee includes lunch and coffee breaks.
Presently, recruitment is in process. A minimum of 12 people is required to hold the.


For more information and to register please contact us at info@utic.eu

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